Why Sell Mineral Rights

Why Would I Sell My Mineral Rights?

There are many reasons to sell mineral rights or oil and gas royalties, and each person’s situation is unique. Here are some of the top responses we’ve received:

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Pay off mortgage, credit cards, or pay other debts.

Buy a home, vacation real estate, other properties, or make other investments not dependent on the oil and gas market.

End the headache of oil and gas leasing, royalty paperwork, heirship, title problems, phone calls, or even family disputes.

Death of parent, grandparent, sibling, or spouse.

Satisfy the need to care for an elderly, ill, or injured companion or loved one

Absentee Mineral Ownership: Living outside of the State where the mineral rights are owned, and being unable to monitor and manage those mineral rights.

Large sum cash payment preferred in hand over continued uncertainty about factors outside the mineral owner’s control.

Receiving smaller and smaller royalty payments from old oil and gas wells and would like to exchange those and future oil and gas royalty for a large cash payment now.

Tax advantage of paying a potentially lower long term capital gains tax when selling mineral rights or oil and gas royalties over the income tax paid on oil and gas lease bonus and royalty payments.

These factors can be broken into two categories. First, the options and decisions you have about what can be done with your oil and gas minerals or royalties. Second, those factors which are not within a mineral owner’s control. These are equally important when making an informed decision about selling your Oklahoma mineral rights.

So, let’s take a look at what the mineral owner can control and what is left to oil and gas exploration and production, geology, engineering, the economy, and the market for oil and natural gas.

An Oklahoma mineral rights or oil and gas royalty owner can choose to accept oil and gas lease offers, negotiate better terms for oil and gas leases, participate in oil and gas wells, elect to be pooled. If a mineral owner had knowledge, expertise, vast amounts of cash on hand, they could explore, drill oil and gas wells, and develop their own oil and gas mineral rights resources. Most Oklahoma mineral rights owners simply do not have the large amounts of cash needed to drill oil and gas wells deep into formations that hold their minerals.
Since most mineral owners don’t have the cash or knowledge to make mineral rights start producing oil and gas royalty income, waiting for oil and gas lease offers, oil and gas commodity prices, and the national economy is their only alternative.

Selling mineral rights can be the very last resort for some, or best possible option for others. Whatever your situation, dealing with Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Royalty will insure that each mineral owner gets the right information, can make the best decision, receive best prices, or simply get the highest quality and professional assistance they need.

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