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We help you understand the factors and trends that determine the value for your net mineral acres.

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We have helped hundreds of mineral owners sell mineral rights in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Royalty‘s mission is to assist mineral and royalty owners in selling their oil and gas mineral rights, royalties, and royalty income. We also deal in non-participating royalty rights, working interests, non-operating interests, and oil and gas leases.

Mineral Rights have become an incredible and important source of oil and gas royalty income for individuals, families, and farms across the United States. Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Royalty‘s team of Mineral Rights Professionals will guide mineral rights and royalty owners through each and every aspect of exploration, leasing, and drilling so that you understand how oil and gas exploration and production provides value to each mineral or royalty acre you own.

When considering the sale of mineral rights or selling royalty income, understanding their value is most important. Our team will provide answers about the impact of oil and gas development on the value of your mineral rights, and help in understanding how Oklahoma title standards affect the sale of your minerals rights or royalties.

The mineral rights intelligence and information we provide is why mineral owners choose Oklahoma Mineral Rights and Royalty as their source for the best prices, professional conduct, informative and responsive service, and painless handling of all details leading to closing your sale. We take pride in navigating the difficulties of converting your mineral rights or oil and gas royalties to cash.

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